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Our leadership in UAE is based on a strong knowledge of the market for all supplies for all types of vessels across UAE. We offer a wide range of product and services from fresh items, provisions, electric, cabin, galley, consumables etc to cater the needs and demands of the vessel and its owner while remaining…

Cargo Clearance

Over the years of experienced, we have cleared all types of shipments from all modes of transport (by Air, sea, courier, even Land) from the simple courier to very complex and odd/oversize cargo. We know the demands and hurdles of shipping and marine business so we are here to assist you with your paper works,…

Protecting Agency

Aurora Shipping LLC provides owners protecting¬†services to safe guard owners interest and help them minimize port expenses attendance of passengers and ships. We offers a scalable service to owners and operators ranging from provision of a simple independent report, to full involvement in expediting a port call, including the following: Checking Performa D/A submitted by…

Ship Agency

Aurora Shipping LLC  offers good quality service according to the highest international standards in maritime and shipping fields. With over 600 tanker vessels we attended in the UAE, our TEAM is fully equipped with knowledge, experienced, and are dedicated, committed to getting the job done and with know-how time sensitive tanker vessels are.

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