IHM Regulation and Implementation

EU SRR (European Union Ship Recycling Regulation), has entered into force in 31.12.2013, states that all vessels over 500 GT flying under European flag or arriving in European ports and EFTA countries must all carry a valid IHM on-board. In addition, the inventory list will have to be updated throughout the operational life of the vessel.

Implementation of this regulation is:

  • From 31.12.2018: New buildings and ships going for recycling must carry IHM on-board
  • From 31.12.2020: All existing vessels must carry IHM on-board

This implies that after 2020 ships without IHM on-board will not be allowed to enter or anchor at EU and EFTA ports. Therefore, shipowners should act proactively and start planning for the new regulation. This to avoid the rush and operational disruptions when all ships need to have the IHM at once.